My Money House

My Money House

My Money House is an all-inclusive organisation that aligns with both Andrew and Simon’s core values. When the pair first launched the company, their vision included providing individuals with the very best resources and financial advice possible for optimal results and reaching individual goals. Today, My Money House is still operated in the same manner across New South Wales, Queensland, Victoria, Malaysia, Vietnam, Hong Kong, and even Singapore.

Our History

Simon and Andrew are self-started entrepreneurs and friends with more than 30 years of combined experience between the two of them. With success in working as Business Advisers and Managing Directors nationally and internationally, the pair decided it was time to venture out and onto their own. After selling fourteen offices, Simon and Andrew launched My Money House in 2010.

While some individuals may be seeking help with purchasing a first home, others may be looking to refinance their homes or apply for a loan for alternative
reasons. Regardless of both your short and long-term financial goals, My Money House can help you to get on the right path to success.

Financial Services

At My Money House, financial services are helpful whether you are interested in applying for a home loan, taking out a mortgage, or even refinancing your current property. Financial services can include individual accounting, consulting for a new business, or representation as a mortgage broker, depending on your needs and what you are attempting to do with your current funds.

Real Estate

Consulting with financial advisers whenever you consider entering the real estate market is essential. Purchasing your new home or investing in foreclosures can both help you build your financial portfolio and worth. However, you may require guidance or assistance if you are short or funds or if you do not have experience with purchasing residential properties or homes. Even if you are thinking of investing in commercial properties and real estate, it is highly advisable to work together with advisers and financial experts to help facilitate each individual sale process and portfolio management.

Property Development and Planning

Once you have chosen a residential or commercial property that you want to invest in, you will first need to complete appropriate calculations. Without knowing the estimated costs of updates, repairs, and replacements, you may find yourself in a financial bind with little to no solutions. Consulting with a financial firm of advisers such as My Money House is a way to gain valuable insight into any zoning laws or restrictions you must abide by as well as additional rules you must abide by when developing or purchasing properties and land.


For individuals as well as business owners, accounting is one service that is essential to good financial health. Accounting services not only ensure that you are
paying your taxes on time and taking advantages of any potential savings, but they are also a way to learn more about spending and saving habits as you work to improve your relationship with your finances.


Are you in the market for new homeowners insurance or insurance for a commercial property that you have recently purchased? Financial advisers from My Money House can help to walk you through the process of obtaining the insurance product that is best suited to you. We shop the market and know the provider’s inside out so we can get you the best deal.

Financial Planning

Whether you are saving for retirement, looking to invest in real estate, or if you have an interest in investing in corporate stocks, financial planning is a must. We can work with you to find the best savings plans, stocks, and investments for you and the future you envision for yourself.

At My Money House, we understand just how important it is to tackle finances and financial strains head-on. We focus on each of our clients individually to ensure that every step and action we take is in the best interest of their future the vision they see for themselves. Whether you are in the market for your very first home or if you are simply in need of financial advice and guidance, get in touch with My Money House to learn how we can help you to get on track today.