Property is stable

Property prices go up over time at a steady pace, so if property values drop, they generally bounce back in time.  It is less volatile than other forms of investment and this gives it a greater sense of stability. It also means that it is easier to predict and forecast what is going to be happening, although making decisions on predictions alone is never a good idea!

Property is relatively simple to understand 

Property is a pretty simple concept to understand, and the language around property is used in everyday life. There is not much in the way of jargon, and the process of making a decision in whether to buy or sell is relatively easy. Technically speaking, there are limited products available to buy and sell: a House; an apartment; a townhouse; land – that’s pretty much about it! This simple to understand terminology and easy to recognize “product range”, means that even the average person can understand what is involved in property investing in a relatively quick period of time, without having to get an MBA or constantly refer to a dictionary.

It is easy to leverage

 The beauty of property is that everybody needs it: people need to buy it and sell it and people need to rent it. After all, everybody needs a roof over their heads, right? As long as you follow the processes and do your research, you will be able to make money from either selling the property at a substantial profit, or by having it pay you profits on a regular basis. When your property is tenanted, the rent that is paid actually goes towards helping you pay off your mortgage against that property! Also, at the end of the financial year, you can claim any expenses incurred against your investment property as a tax deduction. Finally, once you have built enough equity in your property, you can borrow against that equity to purchase your next property, and then your next one after that as well.


How My Property House Will Help You Develop And Implement Your Investment Strategy?

No two property investors are the same. Our clients range from first time investors to experienced ones. Understanding our clients where they are and what they want to achieve is what we do.

Our Strategy

  • Understanding Property As An Investment
    Investing in property is often promoted as simple and easy. This actually is true once you the investor have the knowledge and the right team working for you. Many first time investors fail to achieve their goal as they never fully understand or implement a success strategy at the beginning.

  • Set A Budget & Understand Your Financial Capacity
    Knowing your financial borrowing capacity and budget is vital to the success of a property investor. Understanding your capacity to cover your investment loan if interest rates where to go higher or your weekly income was to reduce ensures no financial hardship is ever created in the future.

  • Research
    Not all property investments are good ones, understanding the property market and picking trends in the buying/selling cycle are important. Having the access and knowledge to vacancy rates, population growth, new infrastructure, schooling and demand all helps in the decision making process. Many property investors buy on emotion instead of a calculated and well researched plan.

  • Understand The Numbers
    Knowing all the costs involved is important. Also knowing how things like positive cash flow, negative gearing, equity and tax benefits work is crucial.

  • Appoint Your Team
    Having the right team of property professionals working for you can certainly save you time, money and reduce your risks. Your team should consist of a Mortgage Broker who specialises in investment finance, a Solicitor to act on your behalf with all property transactions, a Property Specialist to act as your Buyer’s Agent, a Property Manager to manage your investment property, an Accountant to ensure you are maximising your deductions and returns, and an Insurance Specialist to ensure your assets and personal income are protected.

  • Build A Property Portfolio
    As your equity grows so does your opportunity to use that equity to potentially purchase another investment property.