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Before you select your next investment property, educate yourself with our MPH investment guide. It will help you to setting your goals.
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Written by Simon Cvetkoski, a successful property investor and founder of MPH. This guide was written as an investment manual for his children to use when they are ready to begin their property investment journey. this ebook, “the ultimate beginner’s guide to real estate investing” has been written to provide you with valuable information on how to begin your foray in real estate investments. with the help of this ebook, you will be able to understand what the benefits of investing in real estate are and what pitfalls you need to avoid. real estate is a tricky business and understanding all its key investing points is vital to protect yourself from any sudden crashes. while real estate does depend on the current market state, there are some areas that need your complete attention. in this ebook, you will learn:
  •  How to identify a healthy property market
  •  How to structure your finance for minimal risk
  •  How to deal with banks, brokers and tax
  •  Must do’s before you buy
  •  Property investment vs. shares

  •  …Plus much more!