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 APPLICANTS' Please note

What you can expect from us as your Property Manager:

  • Zero Tolerance Rent Control
  • Thorough Ongoing Inspection Reports with photos & video kept on record
  • Thorough Periodic Inspection- All areas of the property will be inspected
  • Photos taken of the outside of the property upon inspection at the landlords request (no personal items of the tenants will be photographed, unless it involves a maintenance issue)
  • Maintenance attended to in a timely manner
  • Our tenancy agreement has a “ No Smoking inside the premises “ clause
  • Exceptional communication from us & expected from you in return

Please Note:

  • We require a copy of your Drivers Licence and proof of income (Pay slip etc or allowing us to view your bank statement) prior to final approval of your application.
  • If you are successful with your application; we will endeavor to contact you personally within 2 working days of receiving your application.
  • If you are unsuccessful with your application; we will endeavor to contact you via text message within two working days of receiving your application. We cannot provide a reason why you have been unsuccessful as a final decision is made by the Landlord.

If you are successful with your application:

  • A deposit of two weeks rent will be payable within 2 working days of the application being approved
  • BOND (To be paid in full prior to possession of the property)
  • Will you be receiving government assistance for the Bond? YES/NO

Feel free to call our office on 1300 139 770 should you have any questions with regards to the property you are applying for or this application.


UTILITIES: If you are successful and you have elected to use a utility service for arranging the service connections to the property, we will arrange for them to be in contact with you. Alternatively, you can contact them directly with the contact details outlined on this application.


WATER USAGE: The following water costs will apply: (unless specifically agreed in accordance with your state legislation otherwise)

  • Quarterly water supply
  • All water usage at a rate and manner determined or prescribed from time to time by your water provider.

All water costs will be calculated and adjusted on a daily basis for the duration of the tenancy.

GARDEN MAINTENANCE: It is understood that the garden areas as well as the house, are the responsibility of the tenants. This includes the weeding, watering and general maintenance of both lawns and gardens. Plants and or lawns damaged through tenancy neglect will be re- established at the tenant’s expense.


PHONE & ADSL INTERNET ACCESS NOTE: My Property House or the Landlord cannot guarantee that the property that you have applied for has an active phone line or ADSL connected or in an internet availability area, it is the tenants responsibility for any investigation or connection of such services to the property.

VERBAL ACCEPTANCE AND LEASE SIGNING APPOINTMENT: We wish to highlight that under the Residential Tenancies Act verbal acceptance of a written application is binding upon both parties. Accordingly the Landlord cannot withdraw their acceptance and the tenant is obligated to proceed. Please note that the agreement is voidable at the Landlord’s option if you fail to pay the bond by the due date.